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TFS is proud to present our innovative B2B hotel booking engine, aggregating hundreds of suppliers via multiple data sources. With seamless back-office integration enabling you to sell and manage online travel efficiently and cost-effectively.

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So let’s sum it up: 100 % free access to the travel industry’s best rates, consolidated and neatly displayed through a single booking engine!

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Cheap Room or Luxury Hotel?

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Cheap Room or Luxury Hotel?  Finding reasonable hotel accommodation for your business trip is not always so easy as it seems. Especially during a big event or trade fair. At least once you have faced the reality of fully booked hotels or unbelievable high room rates.
As frequent travelers we know all about dynamic pricing-we’re painfully aware that hotel rooms cost more or less depending on the event taking place in the city. Which means tough challenges when it comes time for finalizing budgets and negotiating rates for a corporative hotel accommodation.
As travel costs continue to rise, many business travelers are being forced to double up on hotel accommodations to reduce expenses or they pick less expensive hotels in order to save money. A good starting point for finding hotel for any event are exactly those cheap hotels – bed and breakfast type, near/outside the city.
Cheap hotel deal does not always means small room in a suspicious hostel. B&b accommodation can be a good solution for your stay. Whatever the circumstances, family hotels and guest houses have their advantages. Clean, cozy rooms, the calmness of the countryside – a fresh breath after the long busy day at the fair and the hand made breakfast in the morning. Organized shuttle to the fair plus low rates will give you the confidence of well organized trip.
However, still when it comes to selecting a hotel, we choose accommodations that suit our needs, regardless of price.

A business hotel in the city center, equipped with every modern feature and safety standard and arranged transportation from and to the airport/fair grounds is always the better choice. Most good hotels have business centers and many have free internet service. In fact, Wi-Fi at hotels means you and your laptop are no longer confined to your hotel room. At other hand you have all those additional services which will turn your business trip into a short vacation and will make you feel you were awarded with this opportunity – the hotel fitness center, the heated pool, the luxury piano bar. Booking one of those corporate/business hotels will not save your money but will move you as a traveler at a higher level.

“Hungry for Paris”

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The unique and creative French national cuisine is something people have been always talked about. Through the years the styles of French cuisine have been given different names, and have been codified by various master-chefs. In the 19th century, master chef Marie-Antoine Carême created the term haute cuisine (high cooking) for the best French cooking which is still a norm across the world.
The French are known throughout the world for the quality of their food and it comes natural the leading international food exhibition to take place in Paris – the city where the traditional flavors are inspired by exotic techniques and ingredients and spread throughout the country and exported overseas. SIAL showcases the entire global food offering, promoting the energy and vitality of the food industry in France and internationally. Presenting fruit and vegetables, meats and eggs, seafood, grocery and organic products, fresh prepared and preserved products, SIAL is definitely the most appetising business forum on the planet.
As for those who would like to think up new ways to feature their products in their culinary offerings and do not want to spend their time in Paris just like visitors, but like a true professionals (and Parisians), after a long day at the fair, filled with important meetings with food manufacturers, distributors and key clients, they can go out for a dinner at a typical French bistro (Quater Latin is known for its lively atmosphere and restaurants) accompanied by a glass of red wine and food presented as a major art form.
Paris is also known with the selection of the most charming hotels – envied locations, calm and cozy athmosohere, elegance and warm welcome – this city proposes you the best in convenience, quality and services. If you have chosen to stay in bed and breakfast accommodation you will get to see the inside of a Parisian home! At the same time the modern bisuness hotels are offering spectacular views combined with great service and still the spirit of the city can be felt.
Original, surprising, impressive – there is always something on in Paris!

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